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About Us

Health, Obesity Prevention and Awareness

Our organization is campaigning to stop child obesity, bring awareness and give assistance to people who are obese and overweight.  Our goal is to aid in preventing diseases.

We need your help to make our efforts go even further. You can help us reach communities that have higher rates of obesity.  Your support is crucial to our efforts to make an impact on children, adolescence and adults lives that are at risk of catching diseases and dying at very young ages due to obesity and being overweight.

In pursuit of one common goal, many sponsors have joined the campaign to help bring overweight and obesity rates down. 

Sponsors who contributed and funded the campaign are as follows: Ridgewood Savings Bank, Dime Community Bank, Queens County Savings Bank, HOOTERS, Franhill Pharmacy, Bhoomdat, Sugrim & Associates, LLC, Hillpark French Cleaners, Clearview Drive-In Cleaners, Franhill Liquor, Mayfair Wine & Liquor, Malik Eye Care, Becky Nails & Spa, Mambos Dominican Beauty Salon, RB Digital Lab,  Le Yordan Co., Food Universe Market Place, Dan's Supreme Key Foods, EONS Greek Food For Life, Kowloon City Cafe, Fresh Meadows Natural Market & Cafe & Match One Staffing.

Join our sponsors and fund us.  Any amount will bring us closer to our goal.  We appreciate your generosity!

We are a non profit organization in support of communities worldwide that want to live in good health.



Designed for men, women and children.

9/22/18, 10am-3pm  

205-07 Hillside Av., Suite 24

Queens, NY, USA


At our fundraiser held on Sunday, July 29, 2018, in Queens, New York, USA, many people who attended the event were either overweight or obese.  Some asked for assistance. We had (21) twenty one sponsors who helped make the event a success.

We had free food, giveaways, music, games and we raffled 90 gifts. It was a very nice turnout. The food was delicious.  We served good tasting healthy meals. Everyone loved the gifts and we received lots of donations.

Campaign raffle gifts included the following: (2) two men's sports shirts and (4) four $15 gift cards from HOOTERS; (1) one free personal tax return from Bhoomdat, Sugrim & Associates, LLC; (4) four passport pictures from RB Digital Lab; Free Wash & Set plus 10% on any service from Mambos Dominican Beauty Salon; (4) four bottles Merlot from Franhill Liquor; 25% off coupon from Clearview Drive-In Cleaners; Free Manicure & Pedicure from Becky's Nail & Spa; $50. spending spree from Franhill Pharmacy & Surgical; 15% off all dry cleaning from Hilpark French Cleaners; (1) one bottle Merlot from Mayfair Wine & Liquor; Upscale men's & ladies clothing from Le Yordan Co.; 20% off any surgical procedure from Malik Eye Care; a gift basket from Fresh Meadows Natural Market & Cafe; (12) twelve $5. gift cards from Kowloon City Cafe, (20) twenty $5. gift cards from EONS Greek Food for Life.

Food sponsored by: EONS Greek Food for Life, Food Universe Market Place, and Dan's Supreme Key Foods.

Cash, checks and giveaways donated by: Dime Community Bank, Ridgewood Savings Bank, Queens County Savings Bank & Match One Staffing.

Thank you sponsors for your generous gifts and advertising the event. Thank you campaign representatives for doing a remarkable job!

Learn more about how to stop obesity in children, adolescents and adults, and from being overweight, plus much more. Topics include the following:

1)  Weight loss to your BMI (body mass index)

2)  Body cleanse by eating or juicing with fruits and/or vegetables

3)  Reduce the risk of having major diseases, such as:

        a.  High blood pressure 

        b.  Cancer

        c.  Diabetes 

        d.  Lipid Disorders

        e.  Cardiovascular 

         f.  Heart attacks, etc.

4)  Take control of:

        a)  Itch from eczema 

        b)  Bowel movements

        c)  Allergies

        d)  Cholesterol, etc.

5)  Rejuvenate your health 

6)  Reduce your doctor visits

7)  Reduce your medication 

8)  Changing your overall spending habits 

9)  Stress reduction

10) Methods of living longer

11) Eating healthier, etc.

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Fresh food for life!



Over the past (5) five years we have seen an increase in morbidity and mortality associated with being overweight and obesity in far too many children.  It is suggested that parents take special steps by feeding healthier meals to their family for good health and wellness. The beauty of your body begins inside.

Eating properly heals the body within, and like a flower something magical will bloom.  You will lose weight, your shape will change, your clothes size will become smaller.  You will reduce the chance of catching diseases.  Vitamins will be your medicine.  You will discover many new foods, and delicious meals to eat.  A shopping cart with no dairy and meat will lower your grocery bills, doctor bills and prescriptions.

If you choose to be healthy as we do, send us an email requesting a copy of Our Daily Regimen.

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